Maidservants and indian paypal account holders working at home

Most middle class families in india have maidervants, working only at their home. They do one hour work or less daily and in some homes, they are paid Rs 1000 or more monthly. Some families pay Rs 12000 or more for full time servants.

The indian and state governments are acknowledging the work the maidservants do, no one falsely claims that they are doing the work , no one falsely labels the servants a security threat
The indian paypal account holders are also working at home, they work 8-10 hours daily, spend money on computers.

Yet in a racket of google, tata , the computers of indian paypal account holders are hacked, and then ntro, raw, cbi falsely claim that their employees, who are actually cooking, housekeeping, enjoying themselves, are doing the computer work, to pay their employees monthly salaries, while defaming the person actually doing the work as lazy , idle

Why does the indian internet sector treat indian paypal account holders worse than maidservants, refusing to acknowledge the time and money they spend online, and doing computer work and making up FAKE STORIES about their lazy greedy fraud employees who do not do any computer work and do not spend any money on domains.