R&AW/cbi/ntro ruthless and shameless in their financial ONLINE fraud on indian citizens from poorer communities

Allegedly bribed by sundar pichai led google, tata, R&AW/cbi/ntro are extremely ruthless and shameless in their financial online fraud on indianddd citizens from poorer communities duping companies, countries and people with their complete lies about domain ownership, online accounts since 2010

The fraud LIAR RAW/cbi/ntro employees are aware that the ten google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree like thane crook asmita patel, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, nayanshree hathwar, naina chandan, riddhi nayak caro, ruchika kinge have not answered JEE, are not doing any kind of computer work at all, and do not invest any money in domains at all, yet they are extremely shameless and ruthless in their fraud on the domain investor, because she comes from the bhandari community from karwar/kumta, making fake claims about her domains, bank account.

Though the LIAR FRAUD well paid raw/cbi/ntro employees are aware that their role model indore ROBBER R&AW employee deepika is only looking after her home, family does not do any kind of computer work at all,does not invest any money in domains , these FRAUD LIAR indian government agencies, google, tata are so happy with the indore ROBBER housewife for ROBBING the domain investor that they are making FAKE CLAIMS about the indore ROBBER raw employee housewife deepika, duping people, companies and countries with their lies for more than ten years

These fraud agencies and internet companies lecture people about honesty and tax evasion, yet are extremely ruthless in their financial, online fraud especially BANKING FRAUD, which can be legally proved.