Hardworking older single women expected to quietly tolerate criminal defamation, cheating, exploitation, when raw/cbi employees falsely claim to own her bank account

Indicating the worsening status of educated hardworking women in india, especially goa, a hardworking single older woman is expected to quietly tolerate criminal defamation, cheating, exploitation, when well paid lazy greedy LIAR raw/cbi employees who do no computer work, falsely claims to own her bank account and get monthly salaries at her expense for more than ten years since 2010
The liar raw/cbi employees are supported by some of the largest tech and internet companies allegedly google, tata in their computer work fraud.
In all other sectors, including kamwalis/maidservants the government, society and companies will acknowledge the work done, time spent doing the work for others , only in the indian internet sector ntro, raw, cbi, falsely claim that housewives COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, call girls, frauds, enjoying themselves are doing the computer work to pay them monthly government salaries
If the single woman doing computer work for 8-10 hours daily will protest against the exploitation which denies her the right to a life of dignity, she is falsely labelled a security threat without any kind of proof to harass her further while ntro, google, tata, raw, cbi make up fake stories about their favorite sex service providers.

It is time people are aware of the ntro,raw, cbi computer work at home fraud since 2010 which can be legally proved.