Domain investor wasting time, money to end haryana, indian government, R&AW SLAVERY, making fake claims about haryana fraudster mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge working in human resources

While the other R&AW.cbi employees are mainly puppets of their fraud husband or relatives, the google, tata sponsored haryana fraudster mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge is working in the human resources department of well known american companies in office

She is aware that every person who is doing any kind of work, should get compensated for it and she is getting paid a very good salary for the human resources work she does spending her time in offices of american companies,

Yet the greedy fraud mba hr ruchika, a SHAMELESS LIAR is also falsely claiming to own the paypal, iwriter, bank account of a single woman domain investor who she hates, is not on talking terms with, in a FINANCIAL FRAUD
Greedy fraud mba hr raw employee ruchika is openly involved in SLAVERY when she makes fake claims , since unlike the haryan fraudster ruchika,. the domain investor is spending 8-10 hours daily doing work to make money in her bank account, yet the indian, haryana government is openly involved in SLAVERY when it falsely claims that the bank account belongs to the fraud mba hr ruchika kinge, who is not doing work for the iwriter account,

can the haryana, indian government, R&AW explain, why the single woman domain investor has to spend 8-10 hours daily doing writing work and keep quiet when R&AW/cbi make fake claims about their lazy fraud employees who are COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, working, especially haryana fraudster ruchika kinger who is working in human resources in american companies, in a case of government SLAVERY since 2010