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Since 2010, google, tata, FRAUD indian internet companies have CHEATED, EXPLOITED a hardworking single woman,

One of the greatest proofs that top indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata, top officials are section 420 FRAUDS, LIARS, who should not be trusted is how these fraud companies, officials are DUPING companies, countries and people worldwide that lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains own the domains of a private citizen who they HATE, CRIMINALLY DEFAME

Google, tata, fraud indian tech and internet companies are aware that the massive FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD has continued for ten years adversely affecting the income and lifestyle of the real domain investor, a single woman engineer and goa 1989 jee topper yet they refuse to ask the 16 google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/cbi employees or their sugar daddies in ntro/raw like tushar parekh, puneet, j srinivasan, patel, parmar to legally purchase the domain names they falsely claim to own and get a monthly government salary

Instead the greedy fraud indian tech and internet companies are BRIBING the corrupt greedy shameless ntro/raw/cbi employees to continue with their financial fraud on the real domain investor, not allowing her to sell domains through godaddy making up fake team stories