After labor law violations of raw/cbi employees exposed, computer of domain investor hacked

Indicating the high levels of cybercrime, FINANCIAL FRAUD, the desktop computer of the domain investor was hacked on 9 February 2021 for exposing CORRUPTION, SKILLS, FINANCIAL FRAUD, trade secret robbery, labor law violations
The hackers were making the cursor move randomly account to make it impossible to type on the computer, modifying the cursor .
It appears that after the domain investor wasted 5-6 years exposing the computer work fraud, finally someone is asking hathwar, caro, mahesh, naina’s husband pran, why they are falsely claiming that their wife is doing writing work to get them monthly government salaries when their wives were only cooking, cleaning for them.
So to cover up his wife’s computer work fraud, hathwar and caro, have jointly hacked the desktop computer of the domain investor who their lazy greedy wives impersonate to get monthly government salaries

In addition to her other skills, the domain investor also has computer skills, so she managed to fix the hack