International labor organization should be aware of indian government HOUSEWIVES FRAUD since 2010, falsely claiming that housewife raw/cbi employees greedy frauds are working online

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NTRO/raw employees continue with their computer work fraud should not be trusted involved in housewives fraud since 2010 without being questioned by the indian government

Due to the high levels of BANKING, COMPUTER WORK FRAUD, DATA THEFT beating the $140 million TCS data theft in the indian internet sector, no one is interested in a career online, because the fraud companies like google, officials like NTRO employees especially mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan are SOCIOPATHS refuse to acknowledge the person who doing the computer work, investing money online
In all other professionals like Human resources, stock broking, law, hospitality, the companies and officials will acknowledge the person who is spending their time doing the work, making money, getting experience in the industry sector only the google controlled indian internet sector refuses to do so. So the sugar baby raw/cbi employees are focussing on their career, they are least interested in working online after the indian government ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUD is confirmed.

Other fraud housewife raw/cbi employees never had any online income at all, and are least interested, yet indian government shamelessly continues with its online fraud., DUPING countries, companies and people worldwide with its FAKE STORIES of domain ownership, online income
Only in the indian internet sector. led by google, companies and officials are SECTION 420 FRAUDS, LIARS, ROBBERS that they areROBBING data of a single woman engineer, domain investor and then making FAKE CLAIMS about fraud raw/cbi employees
The activities of other raw/cbi employees can be easily traced using their linkedin profiles.
when the liar, cheater, robber, school dropout housewives getting raw/cbi salaries are only COOKING. HOUSEKEEPING for their shameless fraud families, why does the indian government want to DUPE countries, companies and people with fake stories of computer work?

Indian tech and internet companies ruthless in targetting older single women for labor law violations since 2010

Taking advantage of the fact that older single women have no one to help or defend them though they are innocent, indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata are ruthless in targetting older single women for banking fraud, labor law violations since 2010

They will belittle the work that the single woman is doing, ridiculing her , falsely claiming that it is very simple, which even a student can do
Then they will falsely claim that some student, call, greedy young woman or housewife in the vicinity is doing the work, when they are aware that the student, housewife does not have the skills, and also is not interested in working hard, spending time and will also get the student/housewife government jobs

These greedy indian internet companies will question the mental health of the single woman who they criminally defame so that their banking fraud, labor law violations are not exposed.