Google reviews confirm that Google, tata sponsored domain fraudster R&AW employee amita patel involved in labor law violations

The google reviews of google, tata’s favorite domain fraudster R&AW employee amita patel, confirm that a large number of people are complaining that she does not pay them for the work they do . People are expected to work for one month for free
R&AW employee amita patel is boasting on moneycontrol that she is controlling crores of rupees in the stockmarket, yet she lacks the humanity and honesty to pay people a small amount for the work they do for one month
This shows the widespread rot in indian government and society, that powerful people like R&AW employee amita patel who cheat, exploit poorer people are given great powers, considered respectable, high status
The domain investor is closely monitoring R&AW employee amita patel, because like other raw/cbi employees especially panaji goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, amita patel has cheated the domain investor of more than Rs one crore, committing labor law violations.

This is posted so that people are aware of the reality of R&AW/cbi employees like amita patel, sunaina, siddhi, naina, riddhi and others who are ruthless in committing labor law violations on powerless citizens like the real domain investor, a single woman engineer.