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WhatsApp GB 2021 – Updated 2022 – Free Download for Android

Developed by programmer Omar Atnfas, WhatsApp GB originally came with the premise of customization, using 02 WhatsApp accounts on the same device and applying other additional privacy features, giving the user more freedom between the app’s features. After the version of Omars that stopped updating the app at the beginning of 2020 came those of Alex Mod, Foud Mod and Heymods that have the same principle of personalization of WhatsApp. However, each with their own peculiarities. We will provide the user here with the WhatsApp GB download from the three developers, but the app version that we will guide in the post is Heymods.

How does WhatsApp GB work?
GB WhatsApp allows the user to use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

In the beginning this was one of the main attractions of the mod, the possibility of using two accounts on a single device and customizing your WhatsApp. However, with the advent of WhatsApp Business, this turned out to be nothing new as the user can now officially have both a personal and a business WhatsApp account on their smartphone. But with WhatsApp GB you can now have 03 accounts on one device.

Which WhatsApp GB Original?
Because it is a modified version, there is no single GB version of WhatsApp. We always publish the best and most downloaded by the public.