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R&AW gets post exposing main beneficiary of government SLAVERY, indore robber raw employee deepika/veena deleted

R&AW gets forum post exposing its favorite FRAUD SHAMELESS SCAMMER indore housewife raw employee bespectacled housewife deepika/veena deleted
Though raw was aware that its favorite FRAUD SHAMELESS SCAMMER indore raw employee bespectacled housewife deepika/veena like goan CALL GIRL raw employees siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan were not doing any computer work, not investing any money in domains since top raw employees are SHAMELESS SCAMMERS and LIARS , they collected massive BRIBES from the indore fraudster deepika/veena and others to get them no work, no investment government jobs in the internet sector FAKING domain investment, online income and bank account
The shameless scammer indore, goan, haryana, gujju, sindhi, shivalli brahmin officials are runnning a massive BANKING, ONLINE FRAUD, SLANDERING the hardworking single woman engineer who is spending her time doing computer work, and then falsely give the indore housewife and other frauds credit and monthly government salary in a case of government SLAVERY which is widely discussed on reddit, quora
The fraud raw/cbi employees do not want to spend time posting on forums, yet being shameless scammers they are falsely claiming to own the forum account of the single woman engineer, and are now hacking the forum account after their government SLAVERY is exposed. When the domain investor is complaining about the theft of the forum account, they are getting the forum posted deleted, further wasting time.